Asset management

OneFactor is a unique one-platform solution for asset and fund management companies.


Financial modeling

Model IT cFrame turns MATLAB® into a complete risk and actuarial analysis solution.

Model IT

Model IT Ltd was founded in 2007 to provide services to the financial sector. We offer our customers a possibility to benefit from over 180 man-years of work experience in the industry, a professional team and powerful tools. The long teamwork history of our staff members is equally important as long working experience. Our team is highly educated and we have the capacity to offer solutions even for the most challenging problems.

Model IT is a growing and profitable company. Model IT has received high credit ratings from Suomen Asiakastieto (RL1) and Soliditet (AA).

Model IT’s competitive advantage stems from these promises:

We create competitive advantage

You can reach your goals swiftly

We produce high-quality applications – right at once

You will get a high return on your investment

Further development is easy

We save time and effort


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