Model IT

Model IT provides business driven IT solutions for financial industry. We work with asset managers, insurance companies and banks. Our team has extensive industry experience and strong background in financial engineering and IT.

Our main focus is in two products OneFactor – Wealt Management Platform and cFrame – Financial Modelling Framework. We use a business driven agile approach to develop our solutions. We base foundation of our products in solid technologies meeting the requirements of rapid product development. We are Microsoft partner and Wealth Management solution is based on Dynamics CRM. In financial modelling we use MathWorks MATLAB®.

Our team has solid academic background and strong experience in running and developing software and businesses in Financial Industry. Previous positions include CEO Nordea Investment Management Finland, Deputy CEO Evli Bank, Head of IT Development Evli Bank, Head of Development Meridea Financial Software and various key roles in software development in the financial industry.

Model IT Ltd was founded in 2007 to provide services to the financial sector. Model IT is a growing and profitable company. Model IT has received high credit ratings from Suomen Asiakastieto (RL1) and Soliditet (AA).

Model IT’s competitive advantage stems from these promises:

We create competitive advantage

  • We combine customer’s expertise with our expertise
  • We utilise our extensive practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Tailored applications can create unique service

You can reach your goals swiftly

  • We deliver the desired functionality – only
  • We use efficient tools to run fast delivery projects
  • We are very familiar with business

We produce high-quality applications – right at once

  • We focus on understanding customer’s needs
  • We apply careful planning and implementation
  • No intermediaries – no redundant costs or delays

You will get a high return on your investment

  • Efforts are targeted towards developing the necessary functionality
  • We make use of the development work already completed not discarding anything that works
  • The lifespan of existing system can be extended with moderate reinvestments

Further development is easy

  • Easy integration, open databases and interfaces
  • Tailor-made flexible content and structure
  • Solutions are modifiable and extendable after delivery

We save time and effort

  • We free the customer’s key staff for other tasks
  • Easy purchase and delivery process, turn-key delivery
  • Experienced project team: we do not burden the client’s organisation

Our key staff members

Pekka Häkkinen

B.Sc. (IT)

Pekka has participated in system development projects in several roles as: a supplier, a customer, a developer, a project worker and a project manager and a project leader. Pekka is well familiar with product development and delivery processes, and has long-time experience in leading people and projects. Pekka has been involved in developing information systems within different areas of the investment banking business. Pekka has been previously employed by Evli Bank, Profit Software, Meridea Financial Software and IBM.

Mikko Irjala


Mikko has long experience working with financial markets and software development. For the past 13 years Mikko has been working for the Evli Bank in system development projects in various areas including portfolio systems, corporate actions, derivative risk and collateral management. In addition to application development his special technical areas included EA and EAI. Mikko has been previously employed, for example, by TietoEnator Finanssiryhmä.

Osmo Jauri

Dr.Tech., M.Sc. (Econ.)

Osmo has long-time experience with working in the financial and IT sector in roles from a specialist to a board member. Osmo has experience on IT projects in various roles: as customer, supplier, project leader and project manager. Osmo combines extensive experience of mathematical modeling with practical knowledge on banking and insurance. Osmo’s previous employers include Evli Bank, Garantia Insurance Company, Kansallis-Osake-Pankki (today part of Nordea) and Finnish Option Exchange (today part of Nasdaq).

Juho Kalliomäki

M.Sc. (IT)

Juho has long experience working with asset management and brokerage systems. For the past 13 years Juho has been serving OP Pohjola Group in various roles integrating systems in-house and to external systems in the fields of trading, settlement and custody operations. Juho has also comprehensive experience on maintaining asset management systems.

Sinikka Kavenius


Sinikka has long experince working with fund and asset management and brokerage systems, both in supporting users and running operations. Sinikka is experienced with front, middle and back office operations. Sinikka’s previous employers include Pohjola Asset Management and eQ Asset Management.

Kjell Lönnqvist

M.Sc. (IT)

Kjell has participated in system development in various roles including as a project worker, a developer and a consultant. Kjell’s particular fields are technology, application development and application lifespan management, testing and quality systems. Kjell has been previously employed, for example, by Compuware, Evli Bank and Åbo Akademi.

Mikko Merjovirta


Mikko has 14 years experience with financial sector’s IT software development and integration. Before Model IT, Mikko has participated on making of Clearing and Settlement system to Finland’s equity market and contributed to many back-end systems and web based applications development and integration. Mikko has been previously employed, for example, by Evli Bank, Euroclear Finland, and HEX/OMX (today part of Nasdaq).

Jussi Osola

M.Sc. (Pol.)

Jussi is an experienced senior with decade long outstanding career with international banking. Jussi’s background is a perfect combination of banking and a career inside IT industry. Jussi is always seeking for new innovations and business development opportunities. Jussi’s previous engagements include Logica, Capgemini, Sampo/Leonia Bank (Danske) and Kansallis-Osake-Pankki (Nordea).

Timo Penttilä

Doctor of Business Administration.

Timo has long experience working in asset management, pension industry and consulting. His previous experience includes developing portfolio management, performance measurement and risk management practices. Timo has wide perspective into financial industry with previous managerial assignments as Managing Director of Carnegie Asset Management and most recently Country Head of Nordea Investment Management.

Olli Rantanen


Olli started his career as a software engineer at Evolvit Oy in 2011 and later became a consultant for different financial sector customers. In 2014, he started working with Model IT’s Wealth management product One Factor and later joined the team in 2017. Olli studied distributed software as his major and graduated from Technical University of Tampere in 2013.

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