OneFactor – wealth management platform

Key benefits

  • OneFactor is a unique one-platform solution for asset and fund management companies. It covers all key processes for front, middle and back office operations and CRM.
  • Sales and customer relationship managing is easy and functionally robust.
  • Delivers the information you need when you need it from one single system.
  • Transactions and tasks run through more easily
  • Familiar look and feel
  • Easy to implement and integrate

Fund registry

  • Full fund registry and fund distribution functionality
  • One-Click-NAV: The NAV calculation is all done on a single screen, including accepting of the NAV and executing the fund transactions resulting out of it.
  • Automated retrocessions
  • Authority and End Customer reporting
  • A workflow engine for automating tedious tasks
  • Authority Reporting

Sales and management

  • Streamline your fund management for both front & back offices. OneFactor has bullet-proof processes to minimize costly errors and delays in daily operations.
  • Use customizable OneFactor Dashboards to see your progress – have you met your targets in all business areas?
  • Discover your bottlenecks in real-time – OneFactor Dashboards provide you consolidated views to all pending issues in real-time.

Asset management

  • Asset Management portfolio functionality for running portfolios for both customers and funds
  • Benchmark and performance calculations
  • OneFactor fee module supports various fee kickbacks

Customer management

  • All the functionality provided by Dynamics CRM including Outlook integration
  • Customer’s risk and investment profiles

OneFactor is a client centric Wealth Management platform for asset and fund management companies. OneFactor supports all key processes for front, middle and back office operations and CRM. OneFactor has fully transactional client portfolios, NAV calculations for funds and both client and regulatory reporting.

We have taken business driven approach to build a solution which supports new regulations and increasing demands in client servicing, compliance and portfolio management. Integrated solution supports UCITS and AIFM regulation for funds. For discretionary portfolios OneFactor supports KYC, MIFID and FATCA. With OneFactor you can easily collect and manage data also for other compliance needs. For example, performance measurement module OneFactor Profit supports GIPS compliance performance and attribution reporting.

OneFactor is uniquely built within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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