cFrame Free Trial

cFrame Free Trial


Free 30-day trial licence for cFrame a real time analysis modeling platform for insurance companies, banks, asset managers and pension funds. It covers risk analysis, stress testing, business projections and actuarial analysis. By ordering this licence you agree to the terms and conditions.

This evaluation licence covers all simulation modules for risk analysis, proxy fitting, cash flow projections, and economic scenario generation.


Financial modeling framework for MATLAB®

Model IT cFrame turns MATLAB® into a complete risk and actuarial analysis solution. It is used for:


  • Liability modelling (pricing, reserving)
  • Capital calculations (SII SCR, EC)
  • Balance sheet projections
  • ALM planning
  • Stress testing


  • Market risk analysis
  • VaR and CVaR calculation and attribution
  • Stress testing

Key benefits

  • MATLAB® : Ability to use MATLAB environment for all analysis
  • Speed: Complete complex analyses in minutes or seconds instead of waiting for hours or days for results.
  • Interactivity: Graphically drill into results for better understanding of the risks in the balance sheet.
  • Flexibility: Model any financial product with the cFrame definition language.

Latest technologies

  • Multi-Step Least Squares Monte Carlo with time-decomposition for accurate analysis of complex insurance liabilities.
  • Full valuation of standard financial instruments including equity, fixed income and commodity derivatives
  • Policy-by-Policy simulation of insurance liabilities with full terms and conditions
  • Plug-and-play support for grids and clouds



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